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Our story

Conscious Human Evolution was incorporated and founded as a globally focused organization to serve the public as a formal education vehicle for teaching timeless spiritual truths around the world.  Under the guidance and direction of the entity known by millions of spiritual seekers around the world as "Seth" that now channels through Jackson Moore (, Jackson created this organization to serve as the formal teaching and education platform for reaching the world with these teachings.

Realizing that with books, we can reach many more than Jackson can meet in person and reach alone.  However, to help grow our teachings around the world with the goals stated below, Jackson sought out a way to help others not only receive the teachings via the books, lectures, workshops, videos, podcasts, and social media, but also adding a personal touch and local impacts around the world.

"As you teach, so shall you learn…and as you learn, so shall you also teach." Seth -From The Nature Of Consciousness - Volume 1 - Fundamental Understandings About The Soul Of Human-Beings And The Consciousness Within All Physical Reality.

Global Focus, Local Impact!

We utilize the "Teach the teacher" or "Train the Trainer" approach and using certified educational presentations, workbooks, student learning materials, Jackson has created a group of spiritually focused teachers in many locations around the United States so that each teacher can reach and work with spiritual seekers local to their geographic area.  

Train The Trainer Class2.jpg

Jackson Giving a Train The Trainer Class - Teaching Other Teachers to Share The Timeless Truths About The Soul of Human-Beings & The Nature Of Consciousness

Our goal is to eventually have certified teachers of Timeless Spiritual Truths around the world, reaching and blessing humanity in more than 43+ languages in 209+ countries.  A lofty goal, yet one that is achievable with the help of our dedicated spiritual teachers and coaches.  

Why "Conscious Human Evolution" 

"The goal of a spiritual medium should always be to maintain the clearest possible channel through which divine entities of "God", speak through and communicate via natural communication abilities as we've outlined in The Nature Of Consciousness, Volume One.  As such, the material should as much as possible, be clear of the influences of the ego and the rational mind.  

In channeling Seth's new Timeless Truth Series, beginning with our first book, there is a reason that my own picture as the medium through which the truths have come, is not on the front page of the book.  That is simply, as Seth put's it, "The book is not about Jackson."  The book is also not about Seth, nor Seth2, nor the Angels nor the Christ entity and

consciousness that also channels through me now.  The book, and hence, our mission, is about the mission and that mission is, the conscious evolution of humanity.  Therefore, appropriately, Seth was very clear that our teaching organization would not be named after him, nor myself, or Christ or any other name, as it is not about us as "channels" through which the teachings of timeless spiritual truths have come.  It is about the MISSION.  That is why we have chosen the name to be Conscious Human Evolution.  

Our Founder Jackson Moore

"As a life-long spiritual seeker, Seth's "Timeless Truths" are the answers and clarity I have sought my whole life to understand!  I am honored and humbled to continue his works to bless millions of spiritual truth seekers around the world."

                                                             -- Jackson W. Moore,                  medium & author of The Nature of Consciousness

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