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As a fast growing spiritual organization of like-minded humanitarian individuals all around the world, Conscious Human Evolution has many needs to keep up with the demand for spiritual TRUTHS, as taught by some of the most famous teachers including Yeshua (Christ), Seth, Seth2, and other entities.  

Donations, funding, volunteers, skilled individuals that can help us with global outreach, teaching, social media outreach, advertising, engagement, coordination, event coordination, operations, logistics, free advertising, and more.  

Would you like to be a part of our love-based, truth foundational teachings and a coordinated organization focused on the evolution of humanity?  

Do you have a skill you can offer that could assist in our Global Mission?  

Our goal is to eventually have certified teachers of Timeless Spiritual Truths around the world, reaching and blessing humanity in more than 43+ languages in 209+ countries.  A lofty goal, yet one that is achievable with the help of our dedicated spiritual teachers and coaches.  We need YOUR HELP to reach and bless as many human-beings as we can across the planet to truly make a shift in the vibrational frequency, the expansion and evolution of humanity and the consciousness that makes up our known Universe.



"As a life-long spiritual seeker, Seth's "Timeless Truths" are the answers and clarity I have sought my whole life to understand!  I am honored and humbled to continue his works to bless millions of spiritual truth seekers around the world."

                                                                 -- Jackson W. Moore, medium & author of The Nature of Consciousness

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