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Infinite Potentials of human-beings

What makes us truly different?


Conscious Human Evolution focuses on maximizing the potential of humanity and human-beings by focusing on educating the public at large on the timeless truths as to the nature of consciousness.  We focus particularly on AWARENESS & UNDERSTANDING of the nature of consciousness and the infinite personal power, creativity and multidimensional aspects as to the nature of the soul, and the consciousness within all physical reality.  

As ALL physical reality, objects, events and conditions are expressions of consciousness, understanding the truth about the nature of consciousness, and the inner Self or being portion of human-beings, we can indeed expand our perceptions and hence understanding of our true potentials, our innate and natural tools inherent within consciousness, and purposefully use and direct them to evolve ourselves.  Individually and humanity at large.  

All change then in the physical world and universe that we know, begins in consciousness as nothing is ever expressed into physical matter unless it is first created in nonphysical consciousness.  Our teachings then, are sourced from some of the most famous individuals and beings of consciousness that have for eternity guided the evolution of humanity by teaching these timeless truths.  Appearing in human history as historical truth teachers such as Yeshua (Christ) and the entities that millions of spiritual seekers around the world knows as "Seth", Seth2 and Angels.  

They tell of the truth of our very existence and the existence of not only our known universe, but infinite dimensions of reality beyond that, both physical and nonphysical.  Utilizing our enhanced knowledge and awareness of the personal power of our soul, consciousness and working in co-creative fashion with "God"/Creator/Source/All That IS, we are able as human-beings, to tap into and use these tools, abilities, and resources to quite literally evolve humanity in ways only previously dreamed possible.  By expanding our consciousness, we raise our vibrational frequency.  When you change your frequency, your beliefs change.  Your perception of all things widens to encompass a vast, infinite source of ideas, inventions, creations, connections, even accessing technological advances that can help the human race.  





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